IPAN is a network of organisations around Australia – community, faith and peace groups, trade unions and concerned individuals – aiming to build public dialogue and pressure for change to a truly independent foreign policy for Australia – one in which our government plays a positive role in solving
international conflicts peacefully.

IPAN Vision: An independent and peaceful Australia

IPAN Mission: Advocate for an independent and peaceful Australia, free of foreign military bases, and free of interventions by other foreign Governments, corporations, or vested interests, that at present seek to exert undue influence in shaping Australia’s foreign and defence policies in a manner that diminishes Australia’s sovereignty

Independent Australia

Independent Australia is a progressive journal. Our main editorial focus is on federal politics, democracy, the environment, human rights, Australian identity, Indigenous issues, economics, finance, health, law and the justice system.

Established in June 2010, IA supports quality investigative journalism, as well as citizen journalism and a diversity of voices. We believe Australians are short-changed by the mass media — and so this publication is dedicated to seeking out the truth and informing the public.

Independent Australia believes in a fully and truly independent Australia — a nation that determines its own future, a nation that protects its citizens and its environment. A land that is fair and free.