For organisations and individuals across Australia to contribute to a national conversation about all aspects of the US-Australia Alliance, including the social, political, military and defence, economic and environmental impacts – leading to the review recommending a way to a genuinely independent foreign policy for Australia.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the public inquiry into the US-Australia Alliance are as follows:

  1. The costs and consequences of the Australia-US Alliance relating to:

 Social, political, military/defence, economic and environmental impacts – including:

-The impact on First Nations Peoples

-The impact on all Australian people

-The impact on other countries and their people as a result of the US/Australian wars in the name of the Alliance


  1. Recommendations about the future of the US-Australia Alliance, including in relation to:


    1. The priorities and future objectives of Australian foreign policy
    2. Proposed changes in relationships with other countries, including the United States
    3. The budgetary implications and opportunities of any proposed changes to the Alliance.
    4. Sustainable and humane alternatives to current defence industries’ dependency on endless wars of aggression

The Impact of the US-Australia Alliance on eight broad areas are covered by this Inquiry

  1. Impact on First Nations People
  2. Economic
  3. Social and Community
  4. Environment and Climate Change
  5. Military and Defence
  6. Foreign Policy
  7. Political (Including Democratic Rights)
  8. Unions and Workers’ Rights

Who can make a submission?

IPAN invites submissions from people who reside in Australians and other Australian citizens who live abroad

See also Guide for Submissions and Background Sheets