The following submission is the letter I wrote to the Prime Minister, on behalf of Just Peace QLD, on July 4th 2019. It deals specifically with the willingness of Scott Morrison to seriously consider supporting the USA in any military action against Iran. I am sure his support has not changed.

4th July, 2019

Dear Mr. Morrison,
On the occasion of the 243rd anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, I write on behalf of Just Peace Queensland Inc. This is an organization that seeks peaceful means of resolving conflict between and within nations.
The purpose of this letter is to ask whether the you would clarify for us your June 28th Osaka statement, and reasons, for seriously considering any US presidential request to join military action against Iran. You are a man of God and a devout Christian, so I am puzzled by the approach you have taken.
I know that you are aware of the many and serious consequences of taking military action against a sovereign nation especially Iran, which has been the victim of sanctions imposed by America for 40 years. I must assume that you have sought the advice of your ministers and their departments on these matters. These would include, most crucially, the Minister for Defence, Senator the Honourable Linda Reynolds and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Honourable Marise Payne. In addition, the Minister for International development and the Pacific, assistant minister for Defence, the honourable Alex Hawke MP. Also, the Minister for Defence Industry, the Honourable Melissa Price MP. I would have thought that the Attorney General, the honourable Christian Porter MP, would help to provide advice on the legality of military action under the above circumstances.
All of these honourable men and women and their departments, would be able to draw upon a wealth of experience and background in matters concerning Australia’s willingness to support the United States whenever the latter decided to wage open warfare against the many countries in Asia the Middle East and South America. I would fervently hope that the advice you have received when supporting military action against Iran is based upon a full and careful consideration of the dire consequences of such a step. These consequences, as I am sure you are aware, would include immense loss of life of Iranian citizens, creation of probably millions of refugees, unimaginable levels of radioactive contamination in the region and major interruption of oil supplies through the straits of Hormuz. Such an interruption would severely affect Australia since 90% of our oil comes from the Middle East via processing facilities in Singapore, China and South Korea.
Probably the direst consequence of all is the fact that Australia would have little or no say in how, and to what extent, United States decides to attack Iran. It is of great concern to me in this regard that marine personnel of the American military forces now stationed in Darwin, may be involved in an attack on Iran. Furthermore, the joint Defence Facility Pine Gap in the Northern Territory will certainly be involved in supporting military action against Iran.
As a member of Just Peace Queensland, I naturally consider these consequences of a supportive military action against Iran, are deeply troubling. I therefore seek your explanation of the statement referred to above in which you have seriously considered supporting the United States in military action against Iran. Thank you.