Peoples Enquiry/ Independent and Peaceful Australia/ RE Webinar
Submission by Glenn Major 25/11/2020/ from Future Earth Pie Project

In Australia we embellish the American Alliance and a war culture by our Anzac Day celebrations and our fanatical commitment to
anything American.

I believe the American Alliance has no official documentation than an “all the way with LBJ” or a John Howard “can we come too” to Iraq and Afghanistan.
We never don’t go to war if opportunity begs.

World leaders, think that at war in a foreign land, they can kill innocent populations, and destroy their sacred ground and their proud heritage, including tourist attractions, without a conscience, if its good cause according to their intelligence.

America believes it is Santa Clause on the side of right because it is a Security Council Member and Administrator of a rules-based order with a coalition which I interpret as of western sympathizers. America believes it is the
ruler of the earth and embellishes cold war fears politically and in the media to create evil enemies and brainwash the public and the world that they are keeping them safe from destruction by those evil forces.

Since WW2 history has shown that America has gone to war more than the cold war enemies, and at the same time has embraced global trade, tourism, and investment with all enemies including cold war enemies without
any fear. Their main priority has been financial gain and profits but like all nations fell for the cancer of cheap prices over national interest and value for money leaving themselves and the world in a mess with loss of opportunity jobs and low wages.

The one and only reason America needs its NATO alliance is to justify wars against its perceived political enemies, without the sanction of the United Nations, for political reasons including to fuel its war industry. In the Gulf war the display of Sleuth Bombers on our television sets in the afternoon, striking the sacred lands of Iraq and military targets for a month without resistance to me represented a supermarket display or TV advertising for their sleuth bombers. America was not defending the nation from attack but their intelligence was that they were protecting the world from Sudam Hussain, who they painted as very evil although they previously had an alliance with him but he had weapons of mass destruction.

The media remain silent, bleating the political spin, like sheep, without recognizing its morally wrong, like the American alliance in the middle east and past wars in Vietnam and Korea where America believes they are Santa Claus on the side of right.

When the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki In WW2, with success over Germany on the Russian and Western fronts and Japan close to defeat in the pacific, at this stage of the war, H Bombs were possibly over kill.

But there was no conscience by America for killing 400,000 innocent civilians if you can create a proud moment in history for the Nation and for their military science in producing the first atomic bomb, and lay claim to winning the whole war which was already almost won.

If America had diplomatically threatened Japan to surrender, or we will drop H bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and kill 400,000 civilians. would that have ended the war without catastrophic loss.


We must declare war illegal, we are all citizens of planet earth and we can’t deliberately kill each other anymore and war shall be
no more.

Proposed Australian Defence Policy Proposal

Draw the line in history now/ between the past /and future sophistication and peace

Out of date protocols from the past devalue the present and dulls our vision.

(a) Australia is a peaceful island continent and isolated from active conflict zones in the middle east and other places. We should
limit the scope of our military agenda, to only missions sanctioned by the united nations in our region where there are critical
humanitarian emergencies or threat, or act independently like we did in East Timor where diplomacy and constraint was the
strategy for success of the mission, and there was minimal impact on the physical environment.

(b) Pre-emptive strikes are not permitted if there is no real danger of a direct threat to the security of Australia.

(c) Assessment of individual circumstances must be considered not automatic commitment to the American alliance and its
coalition of nations unless a threat impacts directly on Australia. Our responsibility is to our region and participation in wars in
remote locations like past involvements in the middle east, Vietnam and Korea, is not appropriate as the impact on the target
nation and the participating nations is high and a consequential security risk may result.
We have no obligation to contribute to Americas military interventions, based on their intelligence and foreign policy if our
presence is not critical and the intelligence can be floored or inflated.
(d) Review the existence of American bases in Australia the environmental impact, and impact on the lively hood of affected
communities. Remove those bases which compromise our national security, sovereignty, environment or communities. Evaluate
the value for cost to Australia of the Talisman Sabre exercise at Shoalwater Bay in peacetime, relative to, impact, and the practise
of foreign nations testing new weapons on our sovereignty.

(e) A decision to commit to war must be subject to protocols or a vote in parliament, and not as a snap decision by a Prime
Minister or for political purposes. The context and processes must be considered as there may be voting on party lines. It must be
a conscience vote but even politicians, like the public are brainwashed by left-right political and media spin and party policy.
A vote in parliament could be more of a left-right vote or policy lines.

(f) protocols must be written into the constitution defining conditions where military action or oversees employment is necessary.
1 when the nation is under dire threat and must retaliate.
2 there are political differences and ongoing negotiations must be carried out to compromise those differences to resolution
3 United Nations Sanctioned Missions
4 At the request of a nation in our region to defend them from attack
• a war to protect ourselves or the world from a Rogue Leader or Nation
• for occupation to balance division putting vulnerable communities at risk
• to protect refugees or relocate refugees

Australia’s American Alliance has no formal treaty or paperwork and is basicly a rule of thumb at the sniff of a war is mooted by America and history shows that Australia always goes to war at the sniff of a war with America. We never consider the impacts on Australia and costs or the impacts on the enemy nation. We have no conscience for damage to the suburbs of foreign lands by rocket attack or casualties or innocent victims.

In our constitution we need definition of the justification for going to war which must include dire military threat to our sovereignty and the need to defend ourselves. What war would we be going to with the American alliance relative to America’s corny James Bond style cold war against China and Russia and what form it would take. There will be no more mass ground attacks like WW2 or Vietnam in the 21 ST century. The American and Australian media and population is intolerant of soldiers returning in body bags since Iraq and Afghanistan and wars are now conducted by remote rocket or drone attack unfortunately with poor intelligence high levels of inaccuracy and excessive destruction and innocent victims. China has had some disputes around its borders like the South China Sea and other areas but not posed a threat to world peace since, and has the memory of heavy
casualties against Germany and Japan in WW2 .

By compromising their communistic doctrine China has also embraced capitalism and has become the strongest economy on earth and has been involved in very few wars compared to America who was constantly at war in the 20th century and beyond into the 21st century and who drives an arms race by which other nations including cold war enemies play catchup to balance Americas Arsenal which artificially creates the cold war when everyone lives in fear of everyone else’s armed forces despite the lack of any direct threat.

America has been weakened by the economic rise of China which they blindly accepted while investing massively in their military and space industry and going to many wars in many places based on the principle of pre-emptive attack in anticipation of a future threat without UN sanction. This assumption of a future threat can be defined as discrimination against different political systems or regimes or races seen as enemies with overtones of racism. Americas track record shows it has no conscience for the deaths of civilians or innocent victims in foreign lands or impact on suburbs and the earth.

It would be embarrassing for our massive military institutions to lay idle with nothing to do so small wars like in the middle east, or involvement in the South China Sea policing in inverted commas our cold war enemy
China which may paint us with some relevance as a military force, or be seen as a vote winner by smoke and mirrors by reflecting national pride.

Similarly, Pacific multi-national military exercises reflect relevance and authenticity by ceremonial shows of strength of a force greater than oneself in mass display an impregnable force to cold war enemies not to mention Talisman Sabre exercises with America.

no nation is going to unleash their whole military force on another nation and blow the guts out of it like a WW2 in this century with the delicate balance of world economies trade and tourism and stock markets. modern diplomacy is smoke and mirrors and political spin by nations who can’t accept other political systems and rather than diplomat discussion to negotiate compromise and reforms to political systems. Spontaneous military action by the decision of the Leader is often the norm which is unacceptable.

Formal existence of Australian defence protocols must precede a commitment to war. To exit the American alliance all that’s required is to withdraw from expensive exercises with an impact on Australia and the earth and just not go to any of Americas missions unless we are under attack. Limit defence to our region and help resolve regional problems.

the IPAN doctrine is crystal clear from years of academic papers
lobbying and letters to the parliament
educate the military forces to other applications refer (future earth pie)
1 climate change environmental protection and emergency services
2 refugee and migrant support
3 prison and drug rehab operations
4prisoners families support and education
5 juvenile offenders rehab and family support
6 indigenous community support
American alliance illegal as no formal agreement exists
American alliance destructive to australian interests by historical record
no threats to australia anticipated from 2020 to 2030
treaties alliances and trade aggreement with other individual nations
Defining a strategy to to trigger reversal of the american alliance
generational chronic blocks must be broken
definitive assurance that Australia will be safe from
We have no enemies and no need for the alliance.

I propose critical points of focus for the enquiry should be addressed in an attempt to overcome critical blocks, to guide IPAN
agendas towards a greater level of impact on the Australian Political system towards independent diplomatic process.


Education of our children in our schools about a proud honourable military force who fights for the freedom of our democratic values with the sacrifice of casualties in battle without reference to exact context of historical record or suggestions of whether there was just cause for a war or for our involvement, and all the consequences.

Politicians, the media, and Military celebrations, have entrench us with the war culture over generations. in modern times with the explosion of technology science fashion and pop culture and explosion of creature comforts our mindset and psyche has softened since the era of WW a male dominated society with imperial values of national pride and personal honour where the male population volunteered to go to war even the cause may have been very grey. I suspect the young generation of 2020 would jump out of their skins to do battle or have the contextual toughness and independence to do so.

A politically driven prime minister is one individual who before voted in, had no authority and was a nobody, but now armed with great powers, can be justified in sending young generations to their deaths in battles that could have been sorted out diplomatically if they had tried over a period of time.

Both Labor and Liberal Parties adopt the political spin that the American Alliance keeps the population safe and this is embedded as a basic truth and none will change this protocol for fear of losing votes. No debate ever enters the halls of parliament to challenge it.

The factors which start wars are; power, pride, honour, self-righteousness, fear of another remote culture or political system and interpretation of intent, revenge or spontaneous political retaliation to an attack on a third-party ally. if a target nation has not made a declaration of intent or declared war and there have been no negotiations through the un and no sanction from UN presumption of intent or pre-emptive strikes defines us as the aggressor committing an attack on another nation for political purposes. A coalition with America does not void us of culpability in the international court.

Because of our automatic response to go to war at every opportunity with the American alliance we are seen by other nations as an aggressive nation.

when we may have no dispute with the nation were in conflict with and they may retaliate in some way like Chinas attack recently about being Americas Lap Dog

this process must start immediately no so they are in place when findings are compiled


WHO CAN VOICE OPPOSITION TO THE ALLIANCE eg Jackie Lamby any other independants

the young generation tends to blindly follow the political spin they hear on the television and have not experienced what older
generations have.
Estabilish IPAN Ambassidors in
Universities, Young Liberals, Young Labour, Greens and other political Groups.


Papers, Radio, Television ambassadors to be sought and opportunities to promote to groups and the public.

migrants from Vietnam or The Middle-east who may have experienced
an American coalition war like Iraq or Afganistan or Vietnam.

what is America in terms of our alliance role of CIA
who is the authority, or the power base, or the intelligence
does the president drive agendas
does our alliance just reference the might of The American Forces in total
relevance of war reliability of intelligence interventions to our interests
Mentality of leaders George Bush/ Donald Trump
American Bases in Australia, Pine Gap, Talisman Sabre
Are we a target as a result of the alliance?

If you asked me how to break the fixation with the American Alliance

By the public, political parties, the media and the military
I would not have set up an enquiry with a couple of hundred contributions or double that later and define known parameters in  which to contribute information previously mooted with no room for new strategies or definition of the blocks causing the problems.
Those same parameters have basically be mooted by peace groups for decades
without success and by the IPAN and Just Peace websites.
I would ask, what strategies do you have for getting the message across more effectively given the total block by the media, the public who believe the political spin on the television and never talk or think politics and the media who are a disgrace and in the pockets of the polys and love to drum up the Anzac spirit thing as all that’s good with the australian image of typical mates.