am making this submission for a few reasons. Mainly I believe our voices must combine to ensure our governments do not go to war without full unanimous consent by debate and voting in parliament.
I do not condone any wars.

My father was conscripted into Vietnam War, he, although somewhat even in denial of his embedded PTSD state of being, is still effected today, which has adversely effected all things preceding his time in the war, in his own way, he is still at war today. PTSD is real. My own life and that of my family would be very different today had my father not gone to war.

The long term effects of war are still being denied, the effects upon families is talked about as though there is understanding, yet there is not.
There seems no understanding until our governments acknowledge that it is not okay to join wars without discussion or even consent!
We should not even be having to make submissions or have inquiries.

I stand against all wars, as there are other ways forward. Solutions will never come spending billions and trillions each day on war, when solutions would even cost less.

We need real leadership that encourages open transparent discussion.We must include people, ALL people, in the decisions for all our future.
More often than not, people are elected, but not everyone has voted for these people even making decisions.
Debate and discussion is necessary without doubt, if any wars are ever to be entered again.
My life would be entirely different if my father had not been exposed to such horrendous destruction.
We can create a better future.

I could say thousands of words more.
However, it would be a novel in its own right if ever I started.

Please say yes to parliament debate and voting on war.