I am Very concerned that the Australian Government Support for Military Armaments Manufacture has come much too Late and
that the Next Civilian Jet liner to be Shot down is going to be directed by Australian Mercenaries. I have followed the careers of
Australian Pioneering Aviators since WW1 Sir Patrick Gordon Taylor who Ably filled the Gap between Dead Reckoning Navigation
and Complete Radar Surveillance with Celestial Navigation and was more successful in his life Goals than Laurence Wackett
KBE. Who Formed the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation which served Australia well until after the time that the F111 Jet fighter
Bombers started Falling out of the sky and having to be Upgraded by CAC. I remember reading the Wackett Biography stating
that His Corporation could have Manufactured Ten Jet Fighter Aircraft for the cost of each F111. Of course the Corporation was
capable of Manufacturing Aircraft Superior to the CA- 27 which Distinguished Itself in the Malayan Military Conflict. In Conclusion I
believe that Military Armament Manufacturing needs to be Closely Monitored in a Nationalised Fashion and only for Self Defence
and not Export Profitability. Its Never too late to Tool up for a Military Self Defence Industry. Our Industry Leaders have always had
the Skills but were denied the Commissions.