My major concern in the matter of the USA/AUS alliance is that there seems little regard for the Will of the Australian People, and
our freedom to relate to or communicate with “The Other”, or, “The Enemy”. Do we have any real notion of WHO “the other” is,
and what his or her desires, aims and loves in fact are? The only thing we know is that our political masters have deemed “the
other” to be threatening. We in the “West” are brain-washed into a mindset of superiority over the “other”. Their culture, their
language, aspirations and feelings are not known to us; indeed they are hidden from us. For instance, how often do we hear the
musical compositions (other than pre-revolutionary times or perhaps Shostakovich), ballet performances from Moscow? Why are
our masters so keen to portray “the other” as uncivilised or alien? How often do we hear Mr Lavrov, or Mr Putin speak for them
selves instead of through the political filters of the Establishment. We listen to programs called CHINA ARE YOU LISTENING?, or
RUSSIA ARE YOU LISTENING?. Why can’t we have a Russian program called AUTRALIA ARE YOU LISTENING? And I think
we can guess a possible answer to that question.

We do not seem to be able to seek to know and get to know the “other”, and I suspect that we are in fact afraid of the “other”,
especially that we might then come to like or even love him or her. Then we would not have an enemy, and we might see that we
are in fact not superior, and that we do not want or need to do battle them.
What more need I say friends?