The earth is all we have.
There is no point in fighting over it until it is destroyed and no one can benefit from it.

Unfortunately, human beings seem to have a major flaw in that they have a terrifying ability to be destructive. This has now reached a point where we can, as a species, completely destroy the only home we can ever have.

Talk about living on the moon or Mars is the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares. It is impossible for humans to live in outer space without major support from the resources of the earth.

Let’s get real.

The earth is our home. Our only possible home.
It is beyond absurd – beyond criminal – to destroy it.

War destroys the environment. It destroys the earth. It is madness in the true sense.

The earth is a paradise. If we can learn to appreciate it as such.

Our First Nations’ people learned to value this continent as a paradise. They learned to conserve and preserve. They learned to value. They learned to live with the world around them – not to try to dominate and destroy it.

When Europeans first came to these shores, the land and its people were healthy and strong. It is the madness of power and greed and domination and war which is killing this beautiful country. And the beautiful world we live in. It is the madness of wasting money and resources on weapons of destruction which leads to the destruction of our environment and the degradation of our physical and mental health.


You do not have the right to create wars, which destroy countries. Destroy peoples. Destroy families and farmlands.

If you, as a leader, take us to war, you have failed.
You have failed in diplomacy. You have failed by using Jingoism instead of truth and honesty. You have failed in your own ability to reason and discuss, to persuade and listen. You have failed to be the best you could have been. You have failed yourself. You have failed your children. You have failed those you most love.

Let us learn before it is too late. Learn to value the blue skies; the pristine waters; the bounty of the earth.

Value it. Protect it. Turn away from the immaturity of constant war-mongering and constant waste of the earth’s resources on weapons of war.

Do not be the person who watches the air become unbreathable; the earth turn black from destruction; the water become poisoned and polluted, only to realize – too late – that you cannot eat guns.

True success is to turn swords into ploughshares. To cultivate the earth. To respect it. To respect the human beings and all the other animals and animate and inanimate things that share this earth with us.

If you are a leader in this country, then use your power wisely. To bring peace. To avoid further destruction. If you don’t act towards peace and harmony, then you have wasted your life.

Say NO to war.