The People’s Inquiry has received some truly insightful submissions from the Australian public on the costs and consequences of the US alliance.

Below are but a few excerpts from selected submissions


“From years and years of working in countries engaged in civil war and
recovering from war such Timor Leste, Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan
and work with Pacific Islands nations I have been aware how much Australia
must be Independent and Peaceful facilitator of health, environment and
prosperity in our region.”  – Rosemary Morrow  Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute


“… everyone is expected to trust our politicians, intelligence agencies and
senior defence officers. But we only see some of them some of the time and
when we do, we don’t get to ask questions. Our ‘trust’ has seen Australia
involved in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Will this be the same in the
future?”  – Bruce Cameron


“Education of our children in our schools about a proud honourable military
force who fights for the freedom of our democratic values with the sacrifice of
casualties in battle without reference to exact context of historical record or
suggestions of whether there was just cause for a war or for our involvement,
and all the consequences.” – Glenn Major