As a global citizen I have always believed in We The Peoples of this World and the UN Charter to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” Sadly we have seen these principles eroded over the decades with more war mongering and conflicts that have devastated countries, communities, infrastructure and ultimately the collateral damage of the death, damage dysfunction and dispossession of millions of people around the world. These conflicts have often been led by the US Government. Australians are peaceful people who love their country and in particular our environment. The ongoing consequences of our Alliance Agreement with the US has resulted in more loss of lives and for those that have returned from these conflicts severe PTSD and other illnesses and injuries. War is part of the US economic strategy and similar to other countries the actual expenditure far exceeds the investment into finding peaceful pathways and solutions for people to live and work together. We only have One Planet and the ongoing impacts of War is destroying the planet and millions of people who no longer have a safe place to live to work and to raise their families. With the advances in nuclear technology – Wars will no longer be fought on the battlefield – it will be people simply pointing their weapons of war at a strategic location and that will be the end of everyone that is in the path. As Australian Citizens we need to demand that this Government and any that follow understands that this is a very important issue and that our fears, concerns and demands can no longer be ignored. I commend Independent & Peaceful Australia for taking this initiative to give a Voice to the People of Australia to participate in this discussion.


Namaste Chris Knight.