In order for Australia to become independent and peaceful we must first address the injustices to our First Nations People by accepting the Uluru Statement From the Heart and enter into a meaningful treaty with them. We must learn lessons from them about caring for this land the better to address climate change.

We must adopt urgent and lasting measures to address the greatest threat to our peaceful coexistence on our planet climate change.

While ever we have military alliances with other countries we cannot be independent and we delude ourselves if we believe they will protect us. So we must insist on the closure of the US bases on our soil and never be fooled into thinking they are here for our benefit.

We must never become an arms manufacturing country believing that is an acceptable way to use our expertise. Instead we must use our considerable knowhow for the benefit of mankind not its destruction.

Donations to political parties solely aimed at seeking to but influence must be forbidden with clear ruled to prevent this. The revolving door from politics to industry by politicians who have and use contacts within government for ulterior purposes must be strongly discouraged by legislation preventing this from occurring. A federal independent commission against corruption based on the NSW ICAC must be urgently established.

there must be open and clear reasons for entering into any contracts to buy or sell equipment for warfare.

Finally and urgently we must join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and ratify that treaty.