It is simple: Australia should maintain a strategic relationship with USA but not in a sycophantic mode. Australia needs to assert its independence and not be lead around like a donkey.

Needs to take this approach with all countries not just USA.

Australia should actually be positioned as a go-between between USA and China but has pretty much stuffed that up.

Dependence on the USA has led Australia into morally unjustifiable wars which have had disastrous consequences for the invaded countries including Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dependence on USA has led to Australian foreign policy mirroring that of the United States and is currently leading Australia into dangerous waters impacting negatively on trading relations with Australia’s major trading partner, China.

There have been negative impacts directly and indirectly on the Australian people, to our soldiers and civilians, compromising health and social needs, the environment

Integration with the U.S. military would almost certainly draw Australia into any conflict which the United States has with China with subsequent economic disaster for the Australian people.

Australia needs to recognise and support the fact that diplomacy is vital to safeguarding our national interests. An annual spend of $28 billion on defence compared to $1 billion on diplomacy is unsustainable and moronic

Supposedly a “christian” country and government it might be useful to apply our moral principals to the bible and not the Pentecostal version. In this endeavor Australia fails miserably as do most other “christian” countries.

Australia needs to move from a “Democratic Dictatorship” where a government is elected democratically and then act like a dictatorship ignoring what the majority wants a sycophanting itself to big money and corporations and the USA.