Australia, according to the Ageless Wisdom teachings, is the first Civilization, continuing with Europe and America, at the cusp of the dawning of the 6th subrace of the 5th Root Race of humanity.

It is imperative that we learn from but not yet make the same mistakes of our parent nations.

Of course this refers to the obsession of militarisation seen throughout the Capitolocene, but thankfully a new spirit of hope has entered the Earth on 7/7/1977 as Avatar for the New Age of Aquarius, positing a brilliant, technologically-advanced golden age of peace, justice, and sustainability through implementation of the principle of sharing.

Share International organisation, fulfilling the work of the Theosophical Society, Agni Yoga, and Lucis Trust has given the revelatory phase of the Esoteric Teachings which focuses the Reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher, the Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy and Master of the group of Masters of Wisdom. (

An example of this is making the fact of His presence known as I did on the streets of Adelaide to Christopher Pyne last year, as well as Penny Wong, and receiving a personal acknowledgement of Maitreya’s creation of the “Marree (or Lemurian) Man” from Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt, among others.

Thank you for your work at IPAN which works to correct and fulfil the path of the thoughtform of the destiny of our nation in a hopefully-continuing manifest way!
Please see Maitreya’s appearance in ‘guise’ in The Guardian here:

And I saw Ms. Kellie Tranter in the background of the latest youtube presentation a work of art by Mondrian in the tradition Benjamin Creme painted too!
Thank you!