Only Fools Talk of War

He sits there in the hospital staring at the wall
Just another victim of a long-forgotten war
The nurses try to catch his words wonder what he saw
Just an old solider saying it’s only fool’s talk of war
Only fool’s talk of war only fools talk of war
If you look into soldier’s eyes you will see the pain
Only fools talk of war

He’s marching down the street with his head erect
The sunlight dances and glistens on the medals on his chest
The crowd cheer their hero and wave their flags as he goes by
He smiles and waves back at them but inside his soul it cries
He jumps up in the night as he hears a dead man scream
The nurses try to comfort him and say it’s just a dream
But the voices in his head are just driving him insane
It’s the voices of the innocent and they are all saying
Hiroshima Nagasaki Palestine and Vietnam
After Two world wars, you would think we’d learn not to kill our fellow man
The Irish genocide of eighteen forty-five
A million Irish children died A million Irish mothers cried