I have grave and increasing concerns about the Australia/US alliance. I will attempt to summarise them as follows:
1. The increasing possibility of a US led war with China, leading to devastation on multiple fronts: environmental, human suffering & loss of life; extreme life difficulties (much worse than the COVID epidemic) including economic hardship, dislocation of peoples, particularly First Australians; psychological terrorising of the Australian (and Chinese & US) populations, particularly children; escalation & worsening of relations between Australia & China, including extreme retaliatory reactions from China or groups within China.
2. The imbalance of power, including the increasing US strategic military presence in Australia, allowing Australia to be used as a US puppet state, which, in the event of a war with China, would very likely be ‘in the ‘front line’ taking the brunt of US attacks while having little power to direct proceedings. It is difficult for me to even imagine or articulate the possible short and long term effects of this, except to say that Australia would no longer be the place we know and call home. Australian citizens could likely become civilian casualties of war and/or refugees as a result of needing to flee a war zone.
3. Lastly & most importantly the environmental effects of war are devastating. We’re already looking at a likely 2 degrees of warming of the planet this century. any extended use of war-fare will likely increase, leading to irreversible devastation of the planet as we know it.