I support an independent and peaceful Australia in foreign policy and in national defense.

In declaring our foreign policy independence from the US we should acknowledge at the same time our support for human rights and principles of democratic freedom and declare our concern about both in relation to China, including our concerns about Yuighurs in China, Tibetans, and the loss of political freedoms in Hong Kong.

Not to do so and to remain silent on these issues would rightly cause the final report from this Inquiry to lose credibility with the public and appear to be biased and one-sided.

So I consider it essential that our support for the principles of human rights and democracy be declared in relation to all countries, and in particular in declaring our independence from US policy, that we express our condemnation of the violation of these principles by China and any other nation.

Because the thrust of our report will relate to independence from the US, we must specifically mention China and condemn China’s violation of these principles, to make it clear that we are not aligning with the policies of China.