I am 81 years old. My father died in July 1945 as a result of overwork as a doctor on the home front. I lost 2 great uncles in WW1 and a 3rd returned with shell-shock and never recovered, I lost an uncle in WW2 and a 2nd uncle never became the man he was before WW2, I met my first ‘displaced persons’ in abt 1953, I saw the ruins of their lives. because Australia was then a ‘kinder country’ most of those persons went on to make successful lives in Australia, now we are treating refugees and asylum seekers as if they are enemies. We must learn a different way, the world will likely never survive another war, it would be catastrophic, not just because inflation has been allowed to escalate beyond any reasonable hope for recovery after war. the millions spent on war could be redirected to help under-developed countries and our own nation t improve in areas which need improvement. This is all so patently obvious that I will say no more.