We are thrilled to be hosting the fourth in a series of webinars on the US-Australian alliance – on political and democratic rights, held on Thursday, Jun. 3 2021.

This time we were joined by the Chair of the Inquiry, Kellie Tranter, a lawyer and human rights activist who regularly contributes political and social commentary to public affairs websites like ABC’s The Drum, Independent Australia, National Times and Online Opinion and has written for New Matilda and the Australia Institute.

As well as Political (Including Democratic Rights) Panel Leader, Greg Barns SC, a democratic and human rights barrister, advisor to Julian Assange Campaign and Past President Australian Republican Movement and Australian Lawyers’ Association.

This webinar will be hosted by Rawan Arraf an Australian based lawyer working to develop Australia’s domestic investigations and prosecutions of international crimes and other serious human rights violations and to advocate on international justice issues in Australia and around the world.



You can watch the webinar previous webinar below: