Due to my open mind & studies in both Spirituality & ancient & modern history. Plus knowledge of the environment can see the huge negative changes in the environment even though I live in the ACT most of the time.

We are all souls that are capable of being immortal if we give up the VICES. That’s why the World has become Visious from the word Vice with lust the worst Vice!!

I know the beginning from the Golden Age of 1250 years of peace no wars, till the silver age if 1250 years when the Buddha & Mohammad was born, till the copper age now the end of the Iron age , the Confluence Age of great changes & the War no one wants due to the VICES especially GREED.

The only thing any of us can do is go to a plant based diet & become pure & karmateet so we can practice being Bodilessness & soul consciousness so we go to God at the time of Destruction.