I was one of the million people who marched many times in Australia to protest against Australia joining America to invade Iraq.

The fact that we were right Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction yet Australia was embroiled in that disgusting invasion against the wishes of the thinking people of Australia I believe caused a mass disengagement with politics among the general population and now we see the most corrupt federal government in Australia, which I believe stems from people who have disengaged with politics because our voices were ignored and Australia followed meekly behind USA into the Iraq war and so the vile government we now have stems from people not knowing what the government are doing.

All the public housing and livable income support and funding for Indigenous programs health etc etc that could have lifted up our country and was wasted on this terrible war.

Then Australia followed America into Afghanistan and made more mess in other people’s country. There are many of us that don’t believe following bullyboy America into wars is ethical,or intelligent.

Allowing America to have military bases in Australia just makes us a target.

There is a better way! Stop wasting money on following America into wars and space exploration and spend that money making Australia green clean and peaceful with healthy happy citizens co existing and cherishing difference and all contributing to a beautiful Australia that is free of war and following America.