It is essential for Australia to have a humanitarian refugee policy and so i would like to forward a 5 Point Plan developed by #TURNBACKTOHUMANITY FIVE POINT PLAN fore your consideration. I do this because I believe this plan embodies a fair and just Australia. The Plan is as follows:-
1. Immediate release and settlement for all those suffering at our hands
2. Immigration detention should be a last resort and strictly no more than 30days
3. Raise the refugee intake substantially
4. Expand safe and just passage for asylum seekers to Australia, with no punishment based on means of arrival.
5. Give permanent protection visas and citizenship with full rights including family reunion.

I belong to the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation which has sent in a submission which I support wholeheartedly. This is my addition to make sure refugees and asylum seekers are treated with dignity and humanity. this will become even more important as a result of Climate Change.