“The US does not represent the world. It only represents the government of the United States”
Spoken by Chinese diplomat Yang Ji, in Anchorage this year.

This timely sentence, is a relief to Australians who strive to break free from the negative foreign influence that America imposes on us, its so-called friend.
Australia is an independent country, yet apparently too afraid to stand up to American coercion and interference, particularly in military adventurism.

Does Australia have any moral courage left to learn to say ‘No’ to America ?
Does the US now assume it can speak on behalf of Australia?
Is America and the Pentagon relentlessly positioning itself within Australia in preparation for a Hot War with our regional and trading neighbour China?

I ask these questions on behalf of the emerging generations of humans and for the bio-security of all life on our home planet Earth.

I have this theory: America is suffering paranoia following 76 years of guilt for its Nuclear bombing of two large Japanese cities; Hiroshima and Nagasaki that brought an abrupt end to World War 2.
The post war ‘baby boomers’ and all the new generations since, have also suffered this ancestral guilt despite being born innocently into this highly militarised ‘Nuclear Age’.
Nuclear nightmares crept into our collective consciousness as young children.

Fortunately, and necessarily the United Nations was formed after WW2 and on December 10th 1948, the General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The 30 human rights Articles are important, and worth promoting because many are now being blatantly ignored by some governments.

I feel ashamed to have witnessed Australia’s participation in many overseas wars; Vietnam, Iraq (twice), and Afghanistan.

Perhaps it is timely for America to say “Sorry” for the initial Nuclear attacks and to ask for forgiveness from the Japanese people and to the General Assembly of the United Nations.
This act of contrition would help America discover that we all have rights and choices.

Security isn’t achieved by larger aircraft carriers, more fighter jets, submarines, A I autonomous drones and smart missiles, etc. based all around the globe. It makes citizens feel very insecure.
The joint U.S./Australian facility ‘Pine Gap’ near Alice Springs in the centre of Australia is a prime Nuclear target.

I can remember former US President Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), nicknamed the “Star Wars program” The whole world protested the very idea of weapons in space during the‘80s era.

Now its the Billionaires and millionaires flaunting their astronaut status.
Meanwhile, the Earths youth are crying out for World Peace & Climate Security, saying “There is no Planet B”.

The recent ‘Talisman Sabre’ war-games held during July 2021 off Australia’s environmentally threatened Great Barrier Reef was an insult to the Australian people.
Why were the 18 thousand foreign forces participating in the ‘Talisman Sabre’ exercises given special Pandemic entry and quarantine privileges over Australian citizens desperate to return home from overseas?

The 20 year Afghanistan war has failed and is officially finished by 11th September, 2021

War preparations is offensive behaviour to peace loving people. Which country are we intending to invade next? China, our major trading partner? Ridiculous idea.
It is time we prepare for Peace because the alternative is offensive to our immediate Asian neighbours, including 1 million Australian/Chinese friends and families. We are all anxious.

Australians don’t want to be yanked into another war.
War is violent and explosive.
War is about intimidation, control and government sanctioned violence.
It’s about racism, fear mongering, killing humans and animals. Its about destroying the natural environment, built infrastructure, homes and hope for the future.

I saw a sign recently. It read “Say No to Family Violence”.
It’s also time to “Say No to National Violence”.

We must progress beyond War. We can start by repurposing military equipment.
In 2018 there was a huge federal government Defence Industry sign on the highway entering Portland, Victoria. It read: “Join the thousands of businesses in the workforce behind the defence force”. Around the same time, the Turnbull Government announced $3.8 Billion dollars to support weapons manufacturers exporting overseas. I was angry and upset. Photos were taken and
letters of complaint were written. (I received one dismissive reply).

Imagine manufacturing fire fighting equipment and water bombing planes instead. We can’t continue to expect brave volunteer fire fighters to protect us, our forests and unique animals for free while the military is paid to play war-games.

Imagine fit forces personnel, building Quarantine facilities close to every Australian capital city.

We are at the crossroads. We need to direct funding away from War to Peace.
Defunding the military will change our culture for the better and provide ethical jobs and real
security for people to replenish the Planet’s environment. Our war torn asylum seekers given
refuge within communities instead of being punished and held in expensive off-shore and on-shore detention centres. Imagine a kinder, compassionate society. We are one human species.

Government compassion is urgently required for Julian Assange. He is being politically persecuted.
Julian, now 50 years, is our brave journalist who just over a decade ago, released the video footage of American war crimes in Iraq to mainstream media, through Wiki Leaks. He has innovative, compassionate sympathisers world wide. He has a young family.
There is no reason for the U.S. to continue the pursuit of Australian Julian Assange
The Iraq war is over. Julian is into his 10th year of suffering isolation, including imprisonment in London’s notorious Belmarsh Prison. The Extradition case has fallen apart with the key prosecution witness admitting he lied. A mixed group of Australian politicians have sent a video to President Joe Biden asking for the extradition case to be dropped. An apology is now due.

I have written to the American President, the Vice President, the U.S. Attorney General, the Queen of England and the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
It is becoming his responsibility to end to this cruel saga and bring this Australian family home safe before it is too late.

Genuine International diplomacy through the United Nations offers true equality and security for the people of different countries and cultures. Diplomacy, is necessary for our continuing peaceful evolution on Earth. . . . Indeed, the Future is a responsibility to be excited about.

I’d like to end by sharing some words I compiled from text of a book titled, ‘The Unified Theory of Existence’ by the late, John Dixon Jenkins. – The Anti- Nuclear Warrior. My friend.

“LIGHT is.
Without light we are nothing.
Original light emanates from a perfect and absolute existence.
Following natural law, light determines material necessary for the creation of the physical universe.
The light not only creates but also energises matter.
The light encourages self awareness, then free will.
I am aware that my physical body is part of this creation, this Universe.

Once free will is recognised, humans become responsible for the future.
the future is a responsibility to be excited about.
We are alive and changing, on a living, changing planet within a living and expanding universe.
Each individual human must choose their future.
If freedom, goodness, peace and love is wanted, we must choose to accept it.”

Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to ‘The People’s Inquiry’.
Toward Peace, Health, Happiness and Love.