My basic concern is that Australia is in great danger because of its historic practice of serving the wishes of a greater, world dominant power. the historical record is clear. First it was the UK, latterly the USA. In the future it could be China. Such a subservient relation has and would continue to have serious negative impacts on our security but also on our culture.

Australia should become, for the first time, a country of honor and dignity, based in its independence from foreign alignments. It should seek to have the international standing and respect that has been gained by a country such as Switzerland. Free, sovereign and determinedly independent.

Being “deputy sheriff” to the USA is a shameful role to play.

Australian society will be dramatically transformed, its culture enriched and its security upgraded by being, and be seen to be, a sovereign, independent and peaceful nation.

To be such, we should sever the Constitutional ties with the United Kingdom, and commence the process of disentangling ourselves from the formal and informal ties that make us an “ally”, always subordinate, to the Big Sheriff.