Changing Australia’s future foreign and trade policy may sound like a challenging task – but it is possible…

Australia is a living democracy: the free & reasonable expression of our peoples is a very important part of how our society works.

Initiatives such as this inquiry, that is, prompting we Australians to take the time to reflect on where we’ve come from – and where we are headed – can result in valuable new ideas, new perspectives and new directions.

To help get the conversation started (and hopefully avoid common rhetorical pitfalls) – we’ve prepared some responses to important questions. Please do not hesitate to send through any questions you feel may be helpful!

Question: When is the latest date for the receiving of submissions?
Answer: originally 31 st  July 2021, now extended to 16 August 2021

Question: I think the US Alliance has some good points but I am critical of some aspects. Can I make a submission? 
Answer: Yes, please put your submission in

Question: I am not sure which category I should put my submission under? Economic or social and community. Can you please advise? 
Answer: If you are not sure, you can put the submission in as a ‘General’ Submission and we will allocate it to the appropriate category(ies)

Question: How do I put a submission in? 
Answer: IPAN is encouraging people where possible to complete an online submission. Go to

Question: Can I send my submission in by post?
Answer: Yes, the Inquiry Postal Address is: Attention: IPAN Inquiry, PO Box 573 Coorparoo QLD Australia 4151

Question: Can I send my submission in via email?
Answer: Yes, the IPAN email address is:

Question: if I can’t provide a written submission, can I make a verbal submission?
Answer: Where someone is unable to make a written submission please contact IPAN to make arrangements for a verbal submission

Question: Will my submission be made public?
Answer: You can choose to have your submission put on the Inquiry Website and you can choose whether your name is included with your submission

Question: How long can the submissions be?
Answer: Submissions can be short or up to 5000 words. If you would like to submit a submission longer than 5000 words, please contact the IPAN Helpdesk

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