We in Australia must end our military alliance with the U.S, by terminating the ANZUS treaty and the Force Posture Agreement and requiring the U.S to remove all its troops and military installations from our territory. We should not be subservient to the U.S or any other foreign power and need a truly independent foreign policy based on peaceful conflict resolution, mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, and with trading relations based on mutual benefit. The U.S-Australia alliance has resulted in us following the U.S into one disastrous war after another, from Korea to Afghanistan, and being more or less forced to purchase overpriced and unsuitable U.S military equipment. It inevitably means that an enemy of the U.S automatically becomes an enemy of Australia and makes us a target for retaliation in the event of war between the U.S and its numerous enemies. The ADF must cease to be an expeditionary force for U.S Imperialism and must instead be reconstituted and reorganised for the territorial defence of our land, based on mobilisation of our people, in line with a defence policy based on armed neutrality.